A Digital Art Frame

Our digital art frame is a 32 inch display that visually brings art to life. The art frame is a new medium for artists to display their work on. We are moving away from traditional canvases into a more dynamic medium which allows for more creative forms.

Displaying Fine Details

Our frame uses proprietary technology to make the display indifferentiable from other paintings you have at home (yes we don't like to stand out).

With an Adjustable Orientation

For us to allow you to view our large database of artwork, we give you the option to seamlessly rotate the display between landscape and portrait. Whether you'r sinking your eyes into a portrait by Rembrandt or daydreaming to one of Van Gogh's landscapes, our frame offers you both.

That is Controlled Using a Mobile Application

You can select from a wide range of artwork to display and can even upload art of your own. Our app contains more than 850 artworks. Filter through drawings, paintings, inks, photographs and lithographs at ease. Control what is on display at home from anywhere in the world!

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